Dongxing Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. is a professional production of high-star hotel amenities at home and abroad 20 years of production experience, is a collection of printing, injection molding, blow molding, daily washing, soap, toothbrushes, linen comprehensive integration of the Industrial hotel supplies business. Now has 2 million square meters of modern industrial plants, the introduction of international advanced "ZAHORANSKY" toothbrush tufting, sanding machines and other first-class automatic production equipment and supporting facilities. With the business development company in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao and opened an office. And passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, also for 21 years by the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and awarded "Credible" corporate title of honor.

Business 20 years, the Dongxing Company always adhere to "high quality, environmental protection, brand, savings, service, innovation" management philosophy. Company implements strict quality management, and establish a perfect quality control system, over by the materials and sophisticated technology to create a carefully each product, the products meet the national quality inspection and technical supervision departments, and through the local (city level ) quality inspection departments quarterly inspection, strong development of seized products meet relevant national standards.

Companies also pay attention to the promotion by the brand to guide high-grade concept of consumption, together the world's leading hotel supplies company in France "GROUPE GM" released in France famous CLARINS (Clarins), CARVEN (Covington), DAMANA (Dama Na) , PASCAL (Pa Moscow), BIENVENUE (Bi warm New Zealand), KEIJI (Kay JI) and other brands, and take the high-end market; The company attaches great importance to cultivating their own brand, play the "Shu Man Shuang", "ice Lu" series brand , where "ice Lu" brand is famous brand in Guangdong, the full implementation of the trademark strategy.

Companies adhere to the usual "service to the smallest details," the spirit of customer service staff to follow up with a hotel full line orders, improve the initial design samples, order acceptance, production arrangements, the transfer (delivery) of the goods, service and other aspects of the service. The company paid great attention to product design innovation, and the corresponding overall style hotel, with the characteristics of the East and West into the culture, the hotel supplies a foreign business guests the intimate partner.

Because of its high quality product with good quality, affordable, with high quality after-sales service, has been internationally renowned InterContinental Hotels Group, Shangri-La International Hotel Management Group, and Shanghai Jin Jiang International Management Group, New Century Hotel Management Group, the Guangdong Hotel domestic and international famous hotel management groups such as the recognition, authorization and use. At present more than five hundred companies with top hotels in the country (group), the management company established a network of long-term supply and demand, some products are exported to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, Europe, America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand and more than 30 countries and area.

The face of consumers and customers highly appreciate and favor, we are proud, but not complacent. Dongxing company will continue in a "letter, the better" philosophy continue to develop and maintain the most stringent quality control, to provide clients with the most perfect products, best service!